SOUL x four.beyond - stronger together

We are proud to be members and partners of four.beyond the travel curators collective. 


We believe in strong partnerships and an open community. The more leading people of this industry team up and enter new paths, the more will our industry profit from the innovations. We are honored to be an official partner of four.beyond as this community is far beyond ordinary. We personally believe in a peoples business and in not sticking to old ways of thinking and acting. We believe in fruitful encounters and bringing the right people together at the right places, giving them the opportunity to dive into a strong and promising value added chain. 


four.beyond have been so courageous during the pandemic. They created something that is unique in our business and especially in the German speaking markets. We are very proud to now walk the road together side by side. 


In a nutshell: what four.beyond does and why?


Experiential travel makers are looking for inspiration, innovation and exchange that will sustainably advance them in their work in new ways - without being time-consuming or overly bureaucratic. They are our agents.beyondordinary.


Hoteliers with hidden gems are looking for alternative ways of access to exactly those travel makers who are prepared to design booking processes on their own, in destination, overruling outdated supply chains. These are our places.beyondordinary.


Four.beyond connects the dots between those like-minded visionaries on a brand-new, digital business platform and at matchmaking events - creating connections.beyondordinary.



Are you a place beyond?

Apply for an invitation to collaborate with a new breed of travel makers. With the curated crème from the German-speaking markets by your side, your business will be going places! Hit the button to get started.

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